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Shauna Beckendorf (Buyers' Agent)

Shauna Beckendorf
541-999-7821 (Mobile)
I’ve been a licensed Realtor for over 40 years, no lie.

Starting when I was a wee lass of five!

Selling homes on coasts both East and West

You could say I’m bi-coastal, I bet

Credentials, I have a few

The usual Realtor’s alphabet soup


Don’t ask me what they all mean.

I’m getting older and tend to forget

It’s much easier putting fish in a net

Be that as it may,

If you want to have some fun

Buying or selling homes, I’ll get ‘er done.

Just give me a call

No grouches allowed

But hey, if you’re a cranky one

Perhaps this prose has sent you on the run.

With Warm Humor,

Shauna’s hobbies include: hiking, biking, fitness, fishing, camping, scuba, yoga, Pilates, staging homes, reading, going to the movies, and eating.

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